GCM established in 2022, is an American media production company formed through a collaboration of accomplished filmmakers from around the globe. Our mission at GCM is to pioneer innovative storytelling across broadcasting, streaming, and digital media, sharing narratives that are both compelling and empowering.

Specializing in a diverse array of media services, we merge the boundless potential of creativity with cutting-edge AI technology. From comprehensive film production to tailored marketing solutions, we aim to meet your specific media needs with precision.

Our forte lies in various facets of media production, excelling in creating high-quality documentaries and films that deeply resonate with audiences. Moreover, we’re dedicated to preserving timeless stories and historical footage by digitizing and restoring old films, enriching the narrative landscape for future generations to cherish.

In addition to preservation, GCM offers monetization and licensing opportunities for digitized historical footage. Our expertise in this area allows us to maximize the value of this rich, historical content, enabling wider access while respecting the importance of these cultural artifacts.

Moreover, our expertise in AI integration extends into marketing and social media management. Through advanced AI algorithms, we analyze consumer behavior, trends, and preferences, enabling unprecedented optimization. This ensures that your brand connects with the right audience at the right time, driving meaningful engagement and tangible results.

Whether your requirements involve AI-powered content creation, automated marketing campaigns, or AI-assisted post-production, our experienced team is well-equipped to meet your needs. Working closely with you, our dedicated professionals strive to understand your unique goals, delivering exceptional results that align seamlessly with your vision.

Join us on a journey where the fusion of human creativity with the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence paves the way for making every choice a good one.

Marcus Knaus Founder & CEO

25 years ago Marcus founded BDM and due to the numerous contacts of his father in the international film industry he literally grew up on set. With over 25 years of experience he devotes himself to developing and producing films of all kinds. Richard, his Father, was a senior executive at the Eastman Kodak Company General Manager Motion Picture Central & Eastern Europe, then initiator and founder of "Location Austria" and finally CEO of the Austrian`s most important film producers film rights distribution company called "Austrian Film Sales". For many years Marcus promotes films on the international market and deals with film rights.

Alessandra Ravanelli Founder & ECD

Alessandra, an avid screenwriting and dramaturgy enthusiast, immersed herself in the entertainment industry in LA and NY, honing her storytelling skills. During a six-month venture in Australia, she played a significant role at Brisbane TV, contributing to outdoor magazine productions. Noteworthy for her exceptional voice, Alessandra became a sought-after voiceover artist for television and radio. Her multifaceted career spans screenwriting, coaching for film companies, and a pivotal role as a creative director for prestigious ad agencies in Vienna. Renowned for her narrative prowess and keen eye for aesthetics, she crafted compelling campaigns resonating with audiences. In 2010, Alessandra published her first book, "Beziehungsweise Liebe." Alongside her role as a lecturer nurturing aspiring writers, she also serves as a translator for books, sharing her expertise and empowering the next generation of storytellers.

Susan J. Fox Founder & CFO

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) French Language and Literature. Susan Fox grew up in North Conway, NH where she attended grades 1-9 where she learned to ski in the Hannes Schneider ski school at Cranmore. She spent her high school years in France which served as a launching pad for a life-long passion for travel. Susan has walked on all earth's continents. At the top of her list of "special places" are Antarctica, Iceland, Panama Canal, Russia, China, Latvia, safaris in Botswana, tiger reserves in India and Nepal. She taught French at St. Mary's College, a Christian Brothers' school in Moraga, CA for 6 years until Sputnik cancelled liberal arts programs nationwide. This event pushed her into a new career path as a Junior Advisor in a healthcare information technology company. After a decade of learning the trade in major companies, colleagues convinced her to start her own business, Fox Systems, Inc. At the end of 30 years, her company had helped all states except two plus the American Virgin Islands to design and implement Medicaid Management Information Systems, processing millions of medical claims per month. In 2010 Fox Systems merged with another company and quadrupled in size. This provided a springboard for Susan to retire in 2015 and return to her roots in North Conway. Not content with a life of leisure, Susan joined the Volunteer group at the New England Ski Museum where she continues to help develop educational programs.

Our team is a diverse group of professional filmmakers, storytellers, creatives, marketing experts, historians, web developers, graphic artists, editors, post-production assistants, financial experts, freelancers, and dedicated volunteers from all around the world.

Sean Doucette
Chief Technician Officer

AI Technician & Web Development

David Hinchcliffe
Lab Technician

Assett Management

“Thrilled to be a part of the dynamic team at Good Choice Media, where my role as a media lab technician transcends mere profession—it’s a passionate commitment to preserving history through state-of-the-art digitization. Handling everything from vintage films to cherished antiques, I’m genuinely excited to contribute to the legacy of each item, ensuring it stands the test of time and resonates with generations to come. Starting my career at Martha’s Vineyard auction company was a transformative experience, and now, with Good Choice Media, I bring that excitement to the forefront. Your collections are not just entrusted to my care; they become a part of a narrative that transcends eras.”

Gustav Hendersson
AI Specialist

AI Content Management 

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