Film Production & Full Service Production

We collaborate with leading Austrian Film Companies, Equipment-and Camera Rentals, Production Studios and are specialized on the Austrian Market and Tax Model for international Service Productions.

The Tax Insentives

Introducing FISA+: The Latest Austrian Incentive and Funding Model for 
International Service Productions
Directly Awarded Funding

30% of all expenses in Austria (30% payment due on the initial day of filming in Austria & 70% payable subsequent to the last day of shooting in Austria and following the final verification by the national funding agency (aws) )

+ 5% Green Filming Bonus

Unlimited Annual Funding

Entitled to

TV & Cinema Productions, Fiction, Streaming, Live Action & Animation, Documentaries & VR, VFX, Film Music, Postproduction

Maximum Allocation for Each Project 

€ 5.000.000.– for Film

€ 7.500.000.– for Series

Minimum Expenditure Required in Austria

€ 150.000.– for Fiction

€ 80.000.– for Documentaries


Money spent in Austria                 Guaranteed Funding                      Green Incentive                   Maximum Refund

       € 1.000.000.–                                    € 300.000.–                                      € 50.000.–                                € 350.000.–